The Model UD4 is a thermoplastic polyurethane lay-flat discharge hose for fracking water applications requireing maximum abrasion resistance and toughness.  It is designed as light and compact hose for the harshest environments.  Available in the standard (STD) version for 150psi, and a high pressure (HP) version for 200psi.

Special weaving design for high tensile strength and low elongation, with high tenacity polyester yarn, circular woven.  Very smooth inside for minimum friction loss, and outside for good flexiblilty and drag.

Features include maximum tear and abrasion resistance and long life.  Available in long 660ft continuous lengths, with optional fittings including Storz, grooved, and others.  Potable drinking water version available.

Temperature range is -58F to 170F.

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4 150 STD MODEL 0.77
5 150 STD MODEL 0.94
6 150 STD MODEL 1.11
8 150 STD MODEL 1.67
10 150 STD MODEL 1.92
12 150 STD MODEL 3.3
4 200 HP MODEL 0.81
5 200 HP MODEL 0.99
6 200 HP MODEL 1.17
8 200 HP MODEL 2.0
10 200 HP MODEL 2.02
12 200 HP MODEL 3.47