MISC. Accessories

Miscellaneous accessories

  • Used to suppress noise and vibration, and for other applications. Metal backing rings are used with the integral rubber flanges.
  • Integral rubber flanges provide a superior seal, with metal backing rings and a wide arch for good movement capability
  • These robust flexible connectors are stocked in 150# flanged as well as with thread ends. Used to absorb vibration and misalgment, even at higher temperatures.
  • These are metal expansion joints that are kept stocked, with 150# C/S vanstone flanges and tie rods standard.
  • Round hole strainer allows filtering out large damaging debris, yet permit sufficient water passage to keep pumps functioning at full capacity.
  • For control of air, water, oil and gas in hoses or pipes up to 600psi, with forged brass bodies. UL and FM approved.
  • Rated 150psi for cold water, oil, or gas with female NPT ends. 1/4" to 4" diameters.
  • The Hosecraft Hose Bridge allows for vehicles of all kinds to drive over hoses.
  • This silicone covered, thick glass fiber sleeve provides burn protection from hot hoses, and dissipates heat. Up to 4" diameters.
  • The Gard abrasion hose sleeves provide high abrasion resistance and some heat resistance as well. Protect from spray-out failures. 3/4" to 3-1/2" diameters.