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Buyer/Applicant authorizes Hosecraft USA Company and its representatives to inquire into Buyer’s/Applicant’s credit history and to contact Buyer’s/Applicant’s references given, in addition to any other person, corporation or other entity, for the purpose of determining the credit worthiness of the Buyer/Applicant.

As a requirement of extending the credit privilege to Buyer/Applicant and in consideration for any extension of credit, Buyer/Applicant agrees to abide and be bound by Hosecraft USA’s “Terms & Condition of Sale” as shown at and incorporated herein by reference, applicable to each and every transaction between Hosecraft USA and the Buyer/Applicant regarding the Sales of Hosecraft USA products. Buyer/Applicant further agrees to execute from time to time any and all documentation reasonable requested by Hosecraft USA to satisfy Hosecraft USA that its “Terms and Condition of Sale” shall be controlling.

All invoices are DUE IN NET 30 DAYS. Invoices NOT paid within 30 days are PAST DUE.

All invoices, which are not paid in NET 30 DAYS are subject to a Service Charge of 1-1/2% interest PER MONTH, commencing with the 31st day and continuing until the funds are received by Hosecraft USA.

Should the customer be a corporation, the undersigned agrees that by execution hereof, he/she or they are authorized to commit the customer for payment of all indebtedness or liabilities incurred pursuant to this agreement, demand for payment and notice of indebtedness and default are expressly waived.

Should it become necessary for Hosecraft USA to retain an attorney to make demand upon or collect any past due invoices or statements, the customer agrees to pay all recording fees and court cost, incurring by Hosecraft USA through all appeals, and bankruptcy proceedings, if any. Hosecraft USA and the customer agree Hosecraft USA shall choose the venue of any action brought to collect past due invoices or statements, or enforce any provision of this agreement.

If your office is a branch or subsidiary, please list the Parent Company or Home Office.

All orders during this time will be handled on COD, Check in Advance, or Credit Card basis.