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Overview: The RD4 model is a ribbed yellow nitrile/PVC oil resistant discharge lay-flat hose. It is lighter and less bulky than most rubber discharge hoses, and resists abrasion and weathering. Used in many varied applications, with limited oil and chemical use. Resists kinking and stretching while in service.

The most common fitting and length combinations can be purchased below: 1-1/2" to 6" sizes in 50ft lengths with aluminum cam & groove fittings or aluminum M x F with brass swivel NPSH threads. Other fittings and lengths can be configured and purchased with our Price & Purchase feature below.


  • Soft wall is similar to a lay-flat hose, but with increased abraision resistance and tensile strength.
  • Flattens when rolled up more compactly than other rubber discharge hoses
  • Top Grade Construction resists twisting for easier recoiling


  • Rugged Industrial and Construction Discharge Applications where Suction is not Required
  • Water, as well as Limited Oil and Mild Chemicals
  • Irrigation, Agriculture, and Industrial Washdown

Temperature: -20F to 210F.

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Fittings Pres
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1 1/250NPSH M X F SW15016HOSE-RD4AS50MF01500.26$241.503 Add to Cart
250M X F AL CAM & GRV 15021HOSE-RD4AS50CE02000.35$299.503 Add to Cart
350NPSH M X F SW15037HOSE-RD4AS50MF03000.65$451.603 Add to Cart
450MPSH M X F SW15047HOSE-RD4AS50MF04000.85$658.003 Add to Cart
650NPSH M X F SW15085HOSE-RD4AS50MF06001.60$1,138.007 Add to Cart
1 1/250M X F AL CAM & GRV 15016HOSE-RD4AS50CE01500.26$248.203 Add to Cart
250NPSH M X F SW15021HOSE-RD4AS50MF02000.35$293.003 Add to Cart
2 1/250NPSH M X F ASSY15028HOSE-RD4AS50MF02500.47$341.903 Add to Cart
2 1/250M X F AL CAM & GRV 15028HOSE-RD4AS50CE02500.47$351.303 Add to Cart
350M X F AL CAM & GRV 15037HOSE-RD4AS50CE03000.65$459.963 Add to Cart
450M X F AL CAM & GRV 15047HOSE-RD4AS50CE04000.85$668.003 Add to Cart
650M X F AL CAM & GRV 15085HOSE-RD4AS50CE06001.60$1,156.007 Add to Cart