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Overview: The Model RD1 is a rubber discharge hose designed for rugged industrial and construction applications where suction is not required. It includes a top grade EPDM rubber cover for abrasion and weather resistance. There is a 150psi and also 250psi versions, with different ODs. 

The most common fitting and length combinations can be purchased below: 1-1/2" to 6" sizes in 50ft lengths with aluminum cam & groove fittings or aluminum M x F with brass swivel NPSH threads. Other fittings and any lengths can be configured and purchased with our Price & Purchase feature below. Contact factory for other sizes.


  • Soft wall is similar to a lay-flat hose, but with increased abraision resistance and tensile strength.
  • Partially Flattens when Rolled Up
  • Top Grade & Versatile Construction with EPDM Rubber Cover


  • Rugged Industrial and Construction Discharge Applications where Suction is not Required
  • Water and Mild Chemicals

Temperature: -40F to 180F

RD1 Rubber Discharge Hose

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Outer Dia
Fittings Pres
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1 1/21 25/3250NPSH M X F SW 15025.0HOSE-RD1AS50MF01500.44$369.523 Add to Cart
1 1/21-25/3250M X F AL CAM & GRV15025.0HOSE-RD1AS50CE01500.44$374.723 Add to Cart
22 9/3250NPSH M X F SW15035.0HOSE-RD1AS50MF02000.62$451.783 Add to Cart
22 9/3250M X F AL CAM & GRV15035.0HOSE-RD1AS50CE02000.62$453.963 Add to Cart
2 1/22 25/3250NPSH M X F SW15042.0HOSE-RD1AS50MF02500.75$622.123 Add to Cart
2 1/22 25/3250M X F AL CAM & GRV15042.0HOSE-RD1AS50CE02500.75$620.363 Add to Cart
33 9/3250NPSH M X F SW15052.5HOSE-RD1AS50MF3000.95$658.223 Add to Cart
33 9/3250M X F AL CAM & GRV15052.5HOSE-RD1AS50CE3000.95$656.563 Add to Cart
44 5/1650NPSH M X F SW15071.0HOSE-RD1AS50MF4001.25$874.123 Add to Cart
44 5/1650M X F AL CAM & GRV15071.0HOSE-RD1AS50CE4001.25$876.663 Add to Cart
1 1/21 57/6450NPSH M X F SW25032.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50MF01500.56$536.323 Add to Cart
1 1/21 57/6450M X F AL CAM & GRV25032.0HOS--RD1ASHP50CE01500.56$541.623 Add to Cart
22 25/6450NPSH M X F SW25042.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50MF02000.73$617.563 Add to Cart
22 25/6450M X F AL CAM & GRV25042.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50CE02000.73$617.663 Add to Cart
2 1/22 57/6450NPSH M X F SW25050.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50MF02500.88$819.523 Add to Cart
2 1/22 57/6450M X F AL CAM & GRV25050.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50CE02500.88$821.403 Add to Cart
33 25/6450NPSH M X F SW25058.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50MF03001.04$849.683 Add to Cart
33 25/6450M X F AL CAM & GRV25058.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50CE03001.04$847.923 Add to Cart
44 7/1650M X F AL CAM & GRV20078.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50CE04001.41$1,185.603 Add to Cart
44 7/1650NPSH M X F SW20078.0HOSE-RD1ASHP50MF04001.41$1,188.823 Add to Cart