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OVERVIEW: The 1500P and 4000P, power rewind hose reels are the best quality available.  They handle higher pressures, and are lightweight and compact.  Power can be electric, hydraulic, or compressed air.  The various models range from 5/8" to 1" diameter hoses. 

To choose the reel that is right for you, either review the hose reel submittal sheets, fill out and fax the hose reel worksheet, or give us a call.

The part numbers for standard configurations in the table below correspond to those in the submittal sheet. The hose shown below is an extra cost item and is not included in the prices.

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1500 A1514-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 42lbs77HOSEREEL$1,343.30 Add to Cart
1500 A1520-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 44lbs80HOSEREEL$1,343.30 Add to Cart
1500 A1526-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 46lbs98HOSEREEL$1,343.30 Add to Cart
1500 A1530-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 48lbs110HOSEREEL$1,343.30 Add to Cart
1500 A1536-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 50lbs129HOSEREEL$1,343.30 Add to Cart
1500 E1514-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 45lbs80HOSEREEL$1,083.95 Add to Cart
1500 E1520-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 47lbs82HOSEREEL$1,083.95 Add to Cart
1500 E1526-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 49lbs98HOSEREEL$1,083.95 Add to Cart
1500 E1530-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 51lbs110HOSEREEL$1,083.95 Add to Cart
1500 E1536-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 53lbs129HOSEREEL$1,083.95 Add to Cart
1500 E1514-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 45lbs65HOSEREEL$1,210.30 Add to Cart
1500 E1520-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 47lbs82HOSEREEL$1,210.30 Add to Cart
1500 E1526-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 49lbs98HOSEREEL$1,210.30 Add to Cart
1500 E1530-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 51lbs110HOSEREEL$1,210.30 Add to Cart
1500 E1536-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 53lbs129HOSEREEL$1,210.30 Add to Cart
1500 HD1514-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT42lbs77HOSEREEL$1,157.10 Add to Cart
1500 HD1520-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT 44lbs79HOSEREEL$1,157.10 Add to Cart
1500 HD1526-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT46lbs98HOSEREEL$1,157.10 Add to Cart
1500 HD1530-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT 48lbs110HOSE REEL$1,157.10 Add to Cart
1500 HD1536-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT 50lbs129HOSEREEL$1,157.10 Add to Cart
4000 A 4018-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 51lbs95HOSEREEL$1,562.75 Add to Cart
4000 A4024-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 61lbs113HOSEREEL$1,562.75 Add to Cart
4000 A4030-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 72lbs125HOSEREEL$1,562.75 Add to Cart
4000 A4038-17-18 AIR HS REELNET WT 85lbs124HOSEREEL$1,562.75 Add to Cart
4000 E4018-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 54lbs98HOSEREEL$1,303.40 Add to Cart
4000 E4024-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 64lbs116HOSEREEL$1,303.40 Add to Cart
4000 E4030-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 75lbs128HOSEREEL$1,303.40 Add to Cart
4000 E4038-17-18 12V HS REELNET WT 88lbs124HOSEREEL$1,303.40 Add to Cart
4000 E4018-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 54lbs98HOSEREEL$1,429.75 Add to Cart
4000 E4024-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 64lbs116HOSEREEL$1,429.75 Add to Cart
4000 E4030-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 75lbs128HOSEREEL$1,429.75 Add to Cart
4000 E4038-17-18 115V HS REELNET WT 88lbs124HOSEREEL$1,429.75 Add to Cart
4000 HD4018-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT 51lbs95HOSEREEL$1,376.55 Add to Cart
4000 HD4024-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT 61lbs113HOSEREEL$1,376.55 Add to Cart
4000 HD4030-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT 72lbs125HOSEREEL$1,376.55 Add to Cart
4000 HD4038-17-18 HYD HS REELNET WT85lbs124HOSEREEL$1,376.55 Add to Cart