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OVERVIEW: The 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 family of hose reels are available in both manual or power (P) versions.  They are heavy duty reels that are designed for longer lengths of hose from 1/2" to 3" diameters.  Choose between gear-driven crank reind or chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric, hydraulic, or compressed air motor. 

To choose the reel that is right for you, either review the hose reel submittal sheets, fill out and fax the hose reel worksheet, or give us a call.

The part numbers for standard configurations in the table below correspond to those in the submittal sheet.

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6000 6024-19-21 HS REELNET WT 85lbs127HOSEREEL$1,143.80 Add to Cart
6000 6032-19-21 HS REELNET WT 102lbs144HOSEREEL$1,143.80 Add to Cart
6000 6024-23-24 HS REELNET WT 92lbs134HOSEREEL$1,143.80 Add to Cart
6000 6030-23-24 HS REELNET WT 105lbs147HOSEREEL$1,143.80 Add to Cart
6000 6038-23-24 HS REELNET WT 120lbs162HOSEREEL$1,143.80 Add to Cart
6000 6016-25-26 HS REELNET WT 88lbs130HOSEREEL$1,203.65 Add to Cart
6000 6022-25-26 HS REELNET WT 100lbs142HOSEREEL$1,203.65 Add to Cart
6000 6028-25-26 HS REELNET WT 113lbs155HOSEREEL$1,203.65 Add to Cart
6000 6018-30-31 HS REELNET WT 101lbs151HOSEREEL$1,203.65 Add to Cart
6000 6024-30-31 HS REELNET WT 113lbs163HOSEREEL$1,203.65 Add to Cart
6000 6028-30-31 HS REELNET WT 121lbs171HOSEREEL$1,203.65 Add to Cart
6000 6030-30-31 HS REELNET WT 125lbs175HOSEREEL$1,203.65 Add to Cart
6000 6028-33-34 HS REELNET WT 129lbs179HOSEREEL$1,363.25 Add to Cart
7500 7528-19-21 HS REELNET WT 104 lbs146HOSEREEL$1,463.00 Add to Cart
7500 7538-23-24 HS REELNET WT 130lbs172HOSEREEL$1,463.00 Add to Cart
7500 7520-25-26 HS REELNET WT 106lbs148HOSEREEL$1,522.85 Add to Cart
7500 7528-25-26 HS REELNET WT 123lbs165HOSEREEL$1,522.85 Add to Cart
7500 7522-30-31 HS REELNET WT 118lbs168HOSEREEL$1,522.85 Add to Cart
7500 7528-33-34 HS REELNET WT 131lbs181HOSEREEL$1,682.45 Add to Cart
7500 7526-33-34 HS REELNET WT 133lbs183HOSEREEL$1,682.45 Add to Cart
8000 8234-26-27 HS REELNET WT 120lbs170HOSEREEL$1,915.20 Add to Cart
8000 8238-26-27 HS REELNET WT 145lbs195HOSEREEL$1,915.20 Add to Cart
8000 8246-26-27 HS REELNET WT 196lbs245HOSEREEL$1,915.20 Add to Cart
8000 8226-33-34 HS REELNET WT 80lbs150HOSEREEL$1,915.20 Add to Cart
8000 8234-33-34 HS REELNET WT 133lbs230HOSEREEL$1,915.20 Add to Cart
8000 8238-39-40 HS REELNET WT 218lbs420HOSEREEL$2,447.20 Add to Cart
9000 9332-33-34 HS REELNET WT 147lbs217HOSEREEL$2,347.45 Add to Cart
9000 9338-33-34 HS REELNET WT 187lbs257HOSEREEL$2,347.45 Add to Cart
9000 9346-33-34 HS REELNET WT 237lbs372HOSEREEL$2,347.45 Add to Cart
9000 9338-39-40 HS REELNET WT 239lbs480HOSEREEL$2,879.45 Add to Cart
9000 9334-45-46 HS REELNET WT 361lbs525HOSEREEL$3,172.05 Add to Cart