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OVERVIEW: The 1000, 2000, 3000, and 3500 family of manual rewind hose reels are the best quality available.  They handle higher pressures, and are lightweight and economical.  The various models range from 1/4" to 1-3/4" diameter hoses. 

To choose the reel that is right for you, either review the hose reel submittal sheets, fill out and fax the hose reel worksheet, or give us a call.

The part numbers for standard configurations in the table below correspond to those in the submittal sheet.

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1000 1014-14-16 HS REELNET WT 23LBS30HOSEREEL$352.45 Add to Cart
1000 1016-14-16 HS REELNET WT 24LBS30HOSEREEL$352.45 Add to Cart
1000 1020-14-16 HS REELNET WT 25lbs30HOSEREEL$352.45 Add to Cart
2000 G2016-17-18 HS REELNET WT 32lbs50HOSEREEL$871.15 Add to Cart
2000 G2020-17-18 HS REELNET WT 34lbs50HOSEREEL$871.15 Add to Cart
2000 G2026-17-18 HS REELNET WT 36lbs50HOSEREEL$871.15 Add to Cart
2000 G2030-17-18 HS REELNET WT 37lbs50HOSEREEL$871.15 Add to Cart
2000 G2036-17-18 HS REELNET WT 39lbs50HOSEREEL$871.15 Add to Cart
3000 3016-25-26 HS REELNET WT 85lbs120HOSEREEL$977.55 Add to Cart
3000 3020-25-26 HS REELNET WT 94lbs129HOSEREEL$977.55 Add to Cart
3000 3024-25-26 HS REELNET WT 103lbs138HOSEREEL$977.55 Add to Cart
3000 3028-25-26 HS REELNET WT 113lbs155HOSEREEL$977.55 Add to Cart
3500 3516-25-26 HS REELNET WT 95lbs130HOSEREEL$1,290.10 Add to Cart
3500 3520-25-26 HS REELNET WT 104lbs139HOSEREEL$1,290.10 Add to Cart
3500 3524-25-26 HS REELNET WT 113lbs157HOSEREEL$1,290.10 Add to Cart
3500 3528-25-26 HS REELNET WT 123lbs173HOSEREEL$1,290.10 Add to Cart
3500 3524-30-31 HS REELNET WT 124lbs174HOSEREEL$1,290.10 Add to Cart
3500 3528-30-31 HS REELNET WT 134lbs184HOSEREEL$1,290.10 Add to Cart
3500 3534-30-31 HS REELNET WT 147lbs197HOSEREEL$1,290.10 Add to Cart
3500 3530-33-34 HS REELNET WT 138lbs188HOSEREEL$1,449.70 Add to Cart