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OVERVIEW: The N500, N600, N700, N800, and 900 family of spring rewind hose reels are the best quality available.  They are compact and handle higher pressures, have a declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding, and have a 4-way roller assembly.  The various models range from 1/4" to 1-1/2" diameter hoses. 

To choose the reel that is right for you, either review the hose reel submittal sheets, fill out and fax the hose reel worksheet, or give us a call.

The part numbers for standard configurations in the table below correspond to those in the submittal sheet.

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N500 N515-14-16-8L HS REELNET WT 48lbs83HOSEREEL$585.20 Add to Cart
N500 N515-16-17-10.5C HS REELNET WT 51lbs86HOSEREEL$638.40 Add to Cart
N500 N515-19-20-10.5J HS REELNET WT 63lbs98HOSEREEL$798.00 Add to Cart
N500 N515-23-24-15.5J HS REELNET WT 75lbs110HOSEREEL$851.20 Add to Cart
N700 N716-14-16-8C HS REELNET WT 52lbs70HOSEREEL$525.35 Add to Cart
N700 N716-16-17-10.5C HS REELNET WT 55lbs71HOSEREEL$585.20 Add to Cart
N700 N716-19-20-10.5J HS REELNET WT 64lbs85HOSEREEL$744.80 Add to Cart
N700 N716-23-24-15.5G HS REELNET WT 65lbs94HOSEREEL$1,030.75 Add to Cart
N700 N716-23-24-15.5J HS REELNET WT 79lbs96HOSEREEL$798.00 Add to Cart
N700 N716-25-26-15.5B HS REELNET WT 90lbs125HOSEREEL$1,070.65 Add to Cart
N700 N718-25-26-15.5G HS REELNET WT 96lbs131HOSEREEL$1,110.55 Add to Cart
N800 N816-19-20-10.5J HS REELNET WT 75lbs91HOSEREEL$897.75 Add to Cart
N800 N818-23-24-10.5J HS REELNET WT 87lbs100HOSEREEL$950.95 Add to Cart
N800 N816-25-26-10.5B HS REELNET WT 96lbs131HOSEREEL$1,223.60 Add to Cart
N800 N818-25-26-10.5B HS REELNET WT 102lbs137HOSEREEL$1,223.60 Add to Cart
900 922-23-24B HS REELNET WT 104lbs139HOSEREEL$1,689.10 Add to Cart
900 920-25-26A HS REELNET WT 127lbs162HOSEREEL$1,948.45 Add to Cart
900 922-30-31A HS REELNET WT 156lbs191HOSEREEL$2,041.55 Add to Cart