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Overview: The Model RV2 Over the Pipe Hose can slip over piping outer diameters for a sleeve fit.  It is available in a wide range of diameters to both fit over pipe, and for other purposes, such as marine exhaust, bilge ventilation and pump intake and discharge, and more. It has an black NBR tube and CR cover, and is reinforced with multiple plies of nylon fabric and a wire helix. The wire helix construction provides excellent flexibility and helps prevent kinking.  Rated for full vacuum service.  A similar over the pipe hose is also available without a wire reinforcement in the RV1 hose


  • Fits Over Standard Pipes
  • Oil Resistant Tube & Cover
  • Meets J1527 A2, USCG 1942F
  • Meets SAE J2006R2 for Marine Exhaust


  • Where Slip Fit Over Top of Pipe is Needed
  • Fuel Fill
  • Marine Exhaust and Other

Temperature-20F to 212F


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Outer Dia
Bend R
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1/20.88126023.84HOSE-RV2-12-00500.32$218.4014 Add to Cart
1/20.886060219.20HOSE-RV2-60-00500.32$1,092.0030 Add to Cart
5/81.00126024.32HOSE-RV2-12-00620.36$227.7614 Add to Cart
5/81.006060221.60HOSE-RV2-60-00620.36$1,138.8030 Add to Cart
3/41.13125835.76HOSE-RV2-12-00750.29$151.207 Add to Cart
3/41.136058328.80HOSE-RV2-60-00750.29$756.0030 Add to Cart
7/81.25125536.60HOSE-RV2-12-00870.55$220.0814 Add to Cart
7/81.256055333.00HOSE-RV2-60-00870.55$1,100.4030 Add to Cart
11.38125337.32HOSE-RV2-12-01000.61$225.847 Add to Cart
11.386053336.60HOSE-RV2-60-01000.61$1,129.2030 Add to Cart
1 1/81.50125038.04HOSE-RV2-12-01120.67$234.4814 Add to Cart
1 1/81.506050340.20HOSE-RV2-60-01120.67$1,172.4030 Add to Cart
1 1/41.63124438.64HOSE-RV2-12-01250.72$239.527 Add to Cart
1 1/41.636044343.20HOSE-RV2-60-01250.72$1,197.6030 Add to Cart
1 3/81.75124449.48HOSE-RV2-12-01370.79$264.007 Add to Cart
1 3/81.756044447.40HOSE-RV2-60-01370.79$1,320.0030 Add to Cart
1 1/21.881244410.08HOSE-RV2-12-01500.84$266.887 Add to Cart
1 1/21.886044450.40HOSE-RV2-60-01500.84$1,334.4030 Add to Cart
1 5/82.001241510.80HOSE-RV2-12-01620.90$280.087 Add to Cart
1 5/82.006041554.00HOSE-RV2-60-01620.90$1,400.4030 Add to Cart
1 3/42.131241511.52HOSE-RV2-12-01750.96$290.167 Add to Cart
1 3/42.136041557.60HOSE-RV2-60-01750.96$1,450.8030 Add to Cart
1 7/82.251238512.24HOSE-RV2-12-01871.02$298.5614 Add to Cart
1 7/82.256038561.20HOSE-RV2-60-01871.02$1,492.8014 Add to Cart
22.381235612.84HOSE-RV2-12-02001.07$337.447 Add to Cart
22.386035664.20HOSE-RV2-60-02001.07$1,687.2030 Add to Cart
2 1/82.501234613.56HOSE-RV2-12-02121.13$362.887 Add to Cart
2 1/82.506034667.80HOSE-RV2-60-02121.13$1,814.4030 Add to Cart
2 1/42.631234614.16HOSE-RV2-12-02251.18$365.287 Add to Cart
2 1/42.636034670.80HOSE-RV2-60-02251.18$1,826.4030 Add to Cart
2 3/82.751233714.28HOSE-RV2-12-02371.19$373.207 Add to Cart
2 3/82.756033771.40HOSE-RV2-60-02371.19$1,866.0030 Add to Cart
2 1/22.881230814.76HOSE-RV2-12-02501.23$498.487 Add to Cart
2 1/22.886030873.80HOSE-RV2-60-02501.23$2,492.4030 Add to Cart
2 5/83.0012301015.36HOSE-RV2-12-02621.28$517.2014 Add to Cart
2 5/83.0060301076.80HOSE-RV2-60-02621.28$2,586.0030 Add to Cart
2 3/43.1312291016.08HOSE-RV2-12-02751.34$531.6014 Add to Cart
2 3/43.1360291080.40HOSE-RV2-60-02751.34$2,658.0030 Add to Cart
2 7/83.2512291116.80HOSE-RV2-12-02871.40$570.2414 Add to Cart
2 7/83.2560291184.00HOSE-RV2-60-02871.40$2,851.2030 Add to Cart
33.3812261318.12HOSE-RV2-12-03001.51$571.447 Add to Cart
33.3860261390.60HOSE-RV2-60-03001.51$2,857.2030 Add to Cart
3 1/23.8812201421.00HOSE-RV2-12-03501.75$756.487 Add to Cart
3 1/23.88602014105.00HOSE-RV2-60-03501.75$3,782.4030 Add to Cart
44.3812181523.76HOSE-RV2-12-04001.98$702.9614 Add to Cart
44.38601815118.80HOSE-RV2-60-04001.98$3,514.8030 Add to Cart
4 1/24.8812161626.52HOSE-RV2-12-04502.21$868.5614 Add to Cart
4 1/24.88601616132.60HOSE-RV2-60-04502.21$4,342.8030 Add to Cart
55.3812142832.80HOSE-RV2-12-05002.69$972.4814 Add to Cart
55.38601428164.00HOSE-RV2-60-05002.69$4,862.4030 Add to Cart
5 1/25.8812133135.80HOSE-RV2-12-05502.94$1,113.6014 Add to Cart
5 1/25.88601331179.00HOSE-RV2-60-05502.94$5,568.0030 Add to Cart
66.3812113341.04HOSE-RV2-12-06003.42$1,290.4814 Add to Cart
66.38601133205.20HOSE-RV2-60-06003.42$6,452.4030 Add to Cart