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Overview: The Model RV1 softwall hose can slip over piping outer diameters for a sleeve fit. It is available in a wide range of diameters to both fit over pipe and for other purposes such as marine exhaust, automotive and industrial applications. It has a black blended Nitrile/SBR tube and a black Neoprene/Nitrile cover, and is reinforced with 2 to 4 plies of polyester fabric. Also available with a hardwall version with a wire reinforcement in the RV2 hose


  • Fits Over Standard Pipes
  • Oil and Abraision Resistant Nitrile/Neoprene Blend Cover
  • Meets SAE J2006


  • Where Slip Fit Over Top of Pipe is Needed
  • Coolant Service
  • Marine Exhaust

Temperature -40F to 210F

RV1 Rubber Over-the-Pipe Hose

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Outer Dia
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1 1/21.870349.001.89HOSE-RV1-03-01500.63$55.742 Add to Cart
1 5/82.000349.002.01HOSE-RV1-03-01630.67$58.442 Add to Cart
1 3/42.1301048.007.10HOSE-RV1-10-01750.71$202.407 Add to Cart
1 7/82.250345.002.28HOSE-RV1-03-01870.76$62.222 Add to Cart
22.370345.002.40HOSE-RV1-03-02000.80$66.362 Add to Cart
2 1/42.620343.002.67HOSE-RV1-03-02250.89$72.722 Add to Cart
2 3/82.7501039.009.30HOSE-RV1-10-02380.93$277.207 Add to Cart
2 1/22.870339.002.97HOSE-RV1-03-02500.99$89.102 Add to Cart
4 1/24.870316.005.07HOSE-RV1-03-04501.69$165.542 Add to Cart
33.370333.003.45HOSE-RV1-03-03001.15$115.922 Add to Cart
44.370319.004.53HOSE-RV1-03-04001.51$159.902 Add to Cart
2 1/82.500344.002.52HOSE-RV1-03-02130.84$76.562 Add to Cart
2 5/83.000338.003.06HOSE-RV1-03-02631.02$96.902 Add to Cart
2 7/83.250335.003.33HOSE-RV1-03-02871.11$105.722 Add to Cart
3 1/23.870328.004.00HOSE-RV1-03-03501.33$119.942 Add to Cart
2 3/43.120338.003.15HOSE-RV1-03-02751.05$95.162 Add to Cart
1 3/81.750351.001.74HOSE-RV1-03-01380.58$54.542 Add to Cart
1 1/41.620351.001.62HOSE-RV1-03-01250.54$52.262 Add to Cart
1 1/81.500353.001.50HOSE-RV1-03-01120.50$51.062 Add to Cart
11.375353.001.35HOSE-RV1-03-01000.45$48.962 Add to Cart
7/81.250356.001.23HOSE-RV1-03-00870.39$47.462 Add to Cart
7/81.2501056.004.10HOSE-RV1-10-00870.41$158.207 Add to Cart
11.3701053.004.50HOSE-RV1-10-01000.45$163.207 Add to Cart
1 1/41.6201051.005.40HOSE-RV1-10-01250.54$174.207 Add to Cart
1 1/81.5001053.005.00HOSE-RV1-10-01120.50$170.207 Add to Cart
1 3/81.7501051.005.80HOSE-RV1-10-01380.58$181.807 Add to Cart
1 1/21.8701049.006.30HOSE-RV1-10-01500.63$185.807 Add to Cart
1 5/82.000100.496.70HOSE-RV1-10-01630.67$194.807 Add to Cart
1 3/42.130348.002.13HOSE-RV1-03-01750.71$60.722 Add to Cart
1 7/82.2501045.007.60HOSE-RV1-10-01870.76$207.407 Add to Cart
22.3701045.008.00HOSE-RV1-10-02000.80$221.207 Add to Cart
2 1/82.5001044.008.40HOSE-RV1-10-02130.84$255.207 Add to Cart
2 3/82.750339.002.79HOSE-RV1-03-02380.93$83.162 Add to Cart
2 1/42.6201043.008.90HOSE-RV1-10-02250.89$242.407 Add to Cart
2 5/83.0001038.0010.20HOSE-RV1-10-02631.02$323.007 Add to Cart
2 1/22.8701039.009.90HOSE-RV1-10-02500.99$297.007 Add to Cart
2 3/43.1201038.0010.50HOSE-RV1-10-02751.05$317.207 Add to Cart
33.3701033.0011.50HOSE-RV1-10-03001.15$386.407 Add to Cart
2 7/83.2501035.0011.10HOSE-RV1-10-02871.11$352.407 Add to Cart
3 1/23.8701028.0013.30HOSE-RV1-10-03501.33$399.807 Add to Cart
44.3701019.0015.10HOSE-RV1-10-04001.51$533.007 Add to Cart
4 1/24.8701016.0016.90HOSE-RV1-10-04501.69$551.807 Add to Cart