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Overview: The Model LS1 is an interlocking Polyethylene plastic suction hose that retains its excellent flexibility even in the cold weather. This very tough "Bumblebee" hose has an outer helix that allows for rough handling usage.

The most common fitting and length combinations can be purchased below: 1-1/2" to 4" sizes in 20ft lengths with aluminum cam & groove fittings or aluminum M x F with brass swivel NPSH threads. Other fittings and any lengths can be configured and purchased with our Price & Purchase feature below. Also available with open ended with cuffs and no fittings.


  • Lightweight, Crush Resistant, and Non-Kinking
  • A Smooth Bore Tube minimizes Material Buildup and is Resistant to a Variety of Chemicals 
  • Abrasion Resistant and Allows for Rough Handling
  • Bends Well in Cold Weather


  • Sanitary and Septic Suction Service
  • Wide Range of Other Industrial and Construction

Temperature: -40F to 140F.

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Outer Dia
Fittings Pres
(in Hg)
Bend R
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1 1/22.1720NPSH M X F SW20292.317HOSE-LS1AS20MF01500.60$211.102 Add to Cart
22.7620NPSH M X F SW15293.522HOSE-LS1AS20MF02000.85$242.002 Add to Cart
34.0620NPSH M X F SW7296.530HOSE-LS1AS20MF03001.20$404.002 Add to Cart
45.5020NPSH M X F SW6298.039HOSE-LS1AS20MF04001.60$696.002 Add to Cart
1 1/22.1720M X F AL CAM & GROOVE20292.317HOSE-LS1AS20CE01500.60$215.562 Add to Cart
22.7620M X F AL CAM & GROOVE15293.522HOSE-LS1AS20CE02000.85$243.942 Add to Cart
34.0620M X F AL CAM & GROOVE7296.530HOSE-LS1AS20CE03001.20$402.622 Add to Cart
45.5020M X F AL CAM & GROOVE6298.039HOSE-LS1AS20CE04001.60$698.262 Add to Cart