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Overview: The Model PN2 is lightweight, high quality PVC hose designed for a wide variety of suction or transfer applications. It is constructed from a flexible corrugated, clear PVC with a smooth bore, and an external rigid PVC helix that allows for easy dragging.

The most common fitting and length combinations can be purchased below: 1-1/2" - 6" sizes in 20ft lengths with aluminum cam & groove fittings or aluminum M x F with brass swivel NPSH threads. Other fittings and any lengths can be configured and purchased with our Price & Purchase feature below.


  • Suction Ready
  • Bends Better than Other PVC Suction Hoses
  • Lightweight and Easily Dragged
  • Transulcent for Flow Check
  • Smooth Bore


  • Industrial and Construction Liquid and Material Service where Mild Chemical Resistance is Required
  • Pump Suction Sevice

Temperature5F to 150F

PN2 PVC Suction Hose Clear

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Outer Dia
Fittings Pres
(in Hg)
Bend R
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1 1/22.0320NPSH M X F SW 10028315HOSE-PN2AS20MF01500.47$184.382 Add to Cart
1 1/22.8420M X F AL CAM & GROOVE10028315HOSE-PN2AS20CE01500.47$194.302 Add to Cart
22.6220NPSH M X F SW10028419HOSE-PN2AS20MF02000.71$214.642 Add to Cart
22.6220M X F AL CAM & GROOVE10028419HOSE-PN2AS20CE02000.71$223.902 Add to Cart
33.7120NPSH M X F SW 10028627HOSE-PN2AS20MF03001.14$281.102 Add to Cart
33.7120M X F AL CAM & GROOVE10028627HOSE-PN2AS20CE03001.14$292.302 Add to Cart
44.8020NPSH M X F SW 7528742HOSE-PN2AS20MF04001.75$445.102 Add to Cart
44.8020M X F AL CAM & GROOVE7528742HOSE-PN2AS20CE04001.75$451.982 Add to Cart