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OVERVIEW:  Take your pick between our TL1 and TL2 lawn and leaf hoses for tractor vacuum and truck loader applications, including yard waste, mulch, and leaf vacuum.

The TL1 hose is an economical choice which features a crush resistant, smooth bore design.It is made from coextruded clear PVC, with a rigid black PVC helix, and has a wall thickness of .035".

The TL2 is our best quality choice which features great abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance. It also has a smooth bore design and is crush resistant.  This hose is made from coextruded clear thermoplastic ether based polyurethane with rigid yellow ABS helix, and has a wall thickness of .035".

Both hoses are available in standard lengths of 12 and 25ft, for diameters of 4" to 12". They are connected with our bridge clamp (left handed), and the 4" and 6" sizes can be extended by joining with our FT swivel connector.

TL1 Lawn and Leaf Hose Good Quality

TL2 Lawn and Leaf Hose Best

TL Lawn and Leaf Mulch Hoses

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Note Product No Price
Lead Time
4129TL1-PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-12-0400$84.004 Add to Cart
42518TL1-PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-25-0400$175.004 Add to Cart
51211TL1-PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-12-0500$110.004 Add to Cart
52522TL1-PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-25-0500$228.004 Add to Cart
61213TL1-PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-12-0600$132.004 Add to Cart
62528TL1-PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-25-0600$275.004 Add to Cart
71216TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-12-0700$159.0014 Add to Cart
72533TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-25-0700$332.0014 Add to Cart
81218TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-12-0800$197.004 Add to Cart
82538TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-25-0800$411.004 Add to Cart
101223TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-12-1000$249.004 Add to Cart
102546TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-25-1000$520.004 Add to Cart
121234TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-12-1200$309.0014 Add to Cart
122570TL1- PVC HOSEHOSE-TL1-25-1200$642.0014 Add to Cart
4129TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSEHOSE-TL2-12-0400$156.004 Add to Cart
42519TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-0400$326.004 Add to Cart
51210TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-12-0500$214.004 Add to Cart
52521TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-0500$445.004 Add to Cart
61211TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-12-0600$226.004 Add to Cart
62523TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-0600$471.004 Add to Cart
71214TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-12-0700$294.0014 Add to Cart
72529TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-0700$611.0014 Add to Cart
81216TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-12-0800$323.004 Add to Cart
82533TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-0800$673.004 Add to Cart
91219TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-12-0900$349.0014 Add to Cart
92539TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-0900$728.0014 Add to Cart
101220TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-12-1000$382.004 Add to Cart
102541TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-1000$795.004 Add to Cart
121226TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-12-1200$476.0014 Add to Cart
122555TL2- POLYURETHANE HOSE HOSE-TL2-25-1200$992.0014 Add to Cart