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Overview: The Model RR1-AS is a top quality high pressure water hose assembly in 3/8" and 1/4" sizes. It is usually provided as an assembly with crimped on male pipe thread ends, with swivel one end, and a bend restrictor on both ends. It has a nitrile tube and is oil resistant, and handles hot water up to 250F. Not recommended for steam service.


  • High Pressures in 3000 & 4000 psi
  • Swivel Thread on One End Allows Easy Installation
  • Crimped Fittings for Maximum Safety
  • Oil Resistant and Tough Cover
  • Available with High Quality Reels


  • Washer & Cleaner Equipment, Sprayers

Temperature: -20F to 250F

Hosecraft USA Model RR1 Pressure Wash Hose

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Fittings Pres
Note Product No Price
Lead Time
1/4251/4IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL30009.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU25MS0025$104.863 Add to Cart
1/4501/4IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300013.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU50MS0025$182.703 Add to Cart
1/4751/4IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300015.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU75MS0025$260.563 Add to Cart
1/41001/4IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300017.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU100MS0025$338.403 Add to Cart
1/41501/4IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300022.5BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU150MS0025$494.103 Add to Cart
1/42001/4IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300030.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU200MS0025$647.103 Add to Cart
3/8503/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300016.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU50MS0038$216.903 Add to Cart
3/81003/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300032.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLU100MS0038$397.803 Add to Cart
3/8503/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL400025.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS2BLU50MS0038$185.003 Add to Cart
3/81003/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL400050.0BLUE COVERHOSE-RR1AS2BLU100MS0038$343.803 Add to Cart
3/8503/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300026.0BLACK COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLK50MS0038$199.803 Add to Cart
3/8503/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL400034.0BLACK COVERHOSE-RR1AS2BLK50MS0038$198.463 Add to Cart
3/81003/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL300024.0BLACK COVERHOSE-RR1AS1BLK100MS0038$363.603 Add to Cart
3/81003/8IN MNPT X MNPT SWVL400024.0BLACK COVERHOSE-RR1AS2BLK100MS0038$354.163 Add to Cart