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Overview: The RK1-AS and RK2-AS Concrete Pump Hoses are for concrete and cement placement, as well as for plaster and grout. It is available in a full line of 1,000psi fabric reinforced (RK1-AS) and 1,300psi high-tensile steel wire reinforced (RK2-AS) versions. Available with VIC or HD couplings, and also with associated clamps. 1-1/2" to 5" diameters, also with 5" metric. Standard lengths shown below.


  • Quality Conductive Natural Rubber Abrasion Resistant Tube
  • Built-in Nozzles are Internally Expanded for Unimpeded Free Flow
  • Stocked with either VIC (Victaulic) or HD (Heavy Duty, California) Couplings
  • Clamps Available, as well as Special Lengths and Fittings


  • Concrete, Cement, Plaster, Grout, Shotcrete

Temperature:  -40F to 180F

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Fittings Pres
Note Product No Price
Lead Time
1 1/225VIC X VIC123329.25FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25VV0150$540.003 Add to Cart
1 1/225VIC X HD123329.25FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25VH0150$540.003 Add to Cart
1 1/225HD X HD123329.25FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25HH0150$540.003 Add to Cart
1 1/250VIC X VIC123355.50FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50VV0150$967.503 Add to Cart
1 1/250VIC X HD123355.50FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50VH0150$967.503 Add to Cart
1 1/250HD X HD123355.50FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50HH0150$967.503 Add to Cart
225VIC X VIC123337.75FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25VV0200$658.133 Add to Cart
225VIC X HD123337.75FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25VH0200$633.373 Add to Cart
225HD X HD123337.75FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25HH0200$608.633 Add to Cart
250VIC X VIC123372.50FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50VV0200$1,136.253 Add to Cart
250VIC X HD123372.50FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50VH0200$1,111.503 Add to Cart
250HD X HD123372.50FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50HH0200$1,086.753 Add to Cart
2 1/225HD X HD123348.00FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25HH0250$821.253 Add to Cart
2 1/250HD X HD123393.00FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50HH0250$1,496.253 Add to Cart
310HD X HD123332.20FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS10HH0300$517.503 Add to Cart
312HD X HD123337.84FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS12HH0300$587.253 Add to Cart
325HD X HD123374.50FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25HH0300$1,040.633 Add to Cart
350HD X HD1233145.00FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS50HH0300$1,912.503 Add to Cart
410HD X HD123345.00FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS10HH0400$708.753 Add to Cart
412HD X HD123353.00FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS12HH0400$807.753 Add to Cart
420HD X HD123385.00FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS20HH0400$1,203.753 Add to Cart
425HD X HD1233105.00FABRIC REINFORCEDHOSE-RK1AS25HH0400$1,451.253 Add to Cart
225HD X HD130048.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS25HH0200$759.383 Add to Cart
250HD X HD130093.50STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS50HH0200$1,350.003 Add to Cart
310HD X HD130038.40STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS10HH0300$607.503 Add to Cart
312HD X HD130045.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS12HH0300$681.753 Add to Cart
325HD X HD130087.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS25HH0300$1,164.383 Add to Cart
410HD X HD130060.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS10HH0400$855.003 Add to Cart
412HD X HD130071.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS12HH0400$967.503 Add to Cart
420HD X HD1300113.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS20HH0400$1,417.503 Add to Cart
510HD X HD130072.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS10HH0500$1,552.503 Add to Cart
512HD X HD130085.00STEEL REINFORCEDHOSE-RK2AS12HH0500$1,800.003 Add to Cart
2END CLAMP1.002IN HD CLAMPHOSECLAMPHD0200$67.503 Add to Cart
2 1/2END CLAMP1.002-1/2IN HD CLAMPHOSECLAMPHD0250$101.253 Add to Cart
3END CLAMP2.003IN HD CLAMPHOSECLAMPHD0300$117.003 Add to Cart
4END CLAMP3.004IN HD CLAMPHOSECLAMPHD0400$135.003 Add to Cart
5END CLAMP3.005IN HD CLAMPHOSECLAMPHD0500$157.503 Add to Cart