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OVERVIEW: The Model RA1 assemblies consists of an EPDM rubber with a stainless steel braid. Often used as heat pump / fan coil hose, for hydronic system coils hose, and water heater hose flexible connectors. They are fixed length assemblies of 6" increments up to 36" long, with crimped on, brass MNPT ends by female swivels. 

They are also used for other liquid applications where a rubber hose and stainless steel braid are desired. It has excellent flexibility and kink prevention, no exposed rubber, and is fire resistant.

These hoses allow for quick attachment and eliminate the need for exact rigid pipe length measurements and fatigue from rigid pipe thermal growth.

Temperature range is -20 to 200F.

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Product No Price
Lead Time
1/21.03752 5/80.60RA1T05012$25.003 Add to Cart
1/21.53752 5/80.90RA1T05018$29.003 Add to Cart
1/22.03752 5/81.21RA1T05024$32.003 Add to Cart
1/22.53752 5/81.51RA1T05030$38.003 Add to Cart
1/23.03752 5/82.37RA1T05036$40.003 Add to Cart
3/41.03004 1/22.77RA1T07512$36.003 Add to Cart
3/41.53004 1/22.42RA1T07518$45.003 Add to Cart
3/42.03004 1/22.72RA1T07524$52.003 Add to Cart
3/42.53004 1/23.02RA1T07530$62.003 Add to Cart
3/43.03004 1/23.32RA1T07536$69.003 Add to Cart
11.02905 1/23.63RA1T10012$69.003 Add to Cart
11.52905 1/23.93RA1T10018$77.003 Add to Cart
12.02905 1/24.23RA1T10024$89.003 Add to Cart
12.52905 1/24.53RA1T10030$98.003 Add to Cart
13.02905 1/24.84RA1T10036$116.003 Add to Cart
1 1/41.02176 3/45.14RA1T12512$149.003 Add to Cart
1 1/41.52176 3/45.44RA1T12518$160.003 Add to Cart
1 1/42.02176 3/45.74RA1T12524$177.003 Add to Cart
1 1/42.52176 3/46.05RA1T12530$189.003 Add to Cart
1 1/43.02176 3/46.35RA1T12536$204.003 Add to Cart
1 1/21.01508-3/86.00RA1T15012$230.003 Add to Cart
1 1/21.51508-3/86.25RA1T15018$250.003 Add to Cart
1 1/22.01508-3/86.50RA1T15024$268.003 Add to Cart
1 1/22.51508-3/86.75RA1T15030$289.003 Add to Cart
1 1/23.01508-3/87.00RA1T15036$309.003 Add to Cart
21.0150107.50RA1T20012$377.003 Add to Cart
21.5150109.00RA1T20018$400.003 Add to Cart
22.01501010.50RA1T20024$433.003 Add to Cart
22.51501012.00RA1T20030$438.003 Add to Cart
23.01501013.00RA1T20036$487.003 Add to Cart
1/2NA0.25RA1ACM050$4.80 Add to Cart
3/4NA0.25RA1ACM075$4.75 Add to Cart
1NA0.35RA1ACM100$8.97 Add to Cart
1 1/4NA0.40RA1ACM125$12.48 Add to Cart
1 1/2NA0.50RA1ACM150$18.36 Add to Cart
2NA0.70RA1ACM200$27.96 Add to Cart