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Overview: The Model PD1 is a PVC standard duty  lay-flat hose for water discharge. Reinforcement includes spiral plies and longitudinal synthetic cords for burst resistance. Other varieties for higher pressures alternate materials are also available.

The most common fitting and length combinations can be purchased below: 1-1/2" to 6" sizes in 50ft lengths with aluminum cam & groove fittings or aluminum M x F with brass swivel NPSH threads. Other fittings and any lengths can be configured and purchased with our Price & Purchase feature below. Contact factory for other sizes.


  • Rolls up Compactly for Storage
  • Economical
  • Resists Kinking and Twisting


  • Water Discharge for Industrial and Construction

Temperature5F to 130F

PD1 PVC Layflat Hose Blue Discharge

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Fittings Pres
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1 1/250NPSH M X F SW8012HOSE-PD1AS50MF01500.19$69.102 Add to Cart
1 1/250M X F AL CAM & GRV 8012HOSE-PD1AS50CE01500.19$78.202 Add to Cart
250NPSH M X F SW8015HOSE-PD1AS50MF02000.24$80.002 Add to Cart
250M X F AL CAM & GRV 8015HOSE-PD1AS50CE02000.24$88.202 Add to Cart
2 1/250NPSH M X F SW6519HOSE-PD1AS50MF02500.30$193.002 Add to Cart
2 1/250M X F AL CAM & GRV 6519HOSE-PD1AS50CE02500.30$200.902 Add to Cart
350NPSH M X F SW8022HOSE-PD1AS50MF03000.36$159.602 Add to Cart
350M X F AL CAM & GRV 8022HOSE-PD1AS50CE03000.36$172.802 Add to Cart
450NPSH M X F SW7031HOSE-PD1AS50MF04000.53$226.802 Add to Cart
450M X F AL CAM & GRV 7031HOSE-PD1AS50CE04000.53$236.202 Add to Cart
650NPSH M X F SW3549HOSE-PD1AS50MF06000.87$467.507 Add to Cart
650M X F AL CAM & GRV 3549HOSE-PD1AS50CE06000.87$483.407 Add to Cart