Overview: The Model MP2 composite special petroleum hose. This premium hose is constructed with multiple plies of polypropylene films and polyester vapor barriers, which lead to "fail safe" safety. The multiple layers of construction require a surpentine path for liquid to leak, preventing sudden catastrophic failure. Special crimped fittings also result in leak free assemblies every time.The MP2 comes standard with a galvanized steel inner wire, and galvanized steel outer wire.  1" to 8" diameters.


  • Lightweight, Flexible, and Easy to Handle.
  • Fail Safe Design


  • Wide Range of Petroleum Products, Including those with Modern Gasoline Additives
  • JP Aviation Fuels
  • 100% Benzene

Temperature -40F to 250F

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Bend R
1 250 4.1 .6
1 1/2 250 5.1 .8
2 250 6.1 1.6
3 250 8.2 2.4
4 250 14 3.2