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OVERVIEW: The CV3 is a 3-Ply polyester fabric reinforced silicone hose with special coating. It meets SAE J20R1 Class A Standard Wall. It is ideal for extrememe temperatures and high performance for coolant and other chemicals. The CV4 Hose is also available with 4 piles for a Heavy Wall. Standard lengths of 3ft and 12ft. Wide variety diameter variations from 1/2" to 6".


  • Resistant to Coolant and other Chemicals
  • Very High Temperatures
  • Resistant to Cracking, Peeling, Aging, and Ozone
  • Meets SAE J20R1 Class A Standard Wall Requirements


  • Coolant Transfer in & Heat & Coolant Systems in Hostile Enviorments
  • High Temperatures of Air, Water, Other Silicone Appropriate Chemicals
  • SAE J20R1 Class A Standard Wall
  • Flexible Connection with Over the Pipe Fit at Higher Temperatures


CV3 Three Ply Silicone Hose

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Outer Dia
Product No Wt/Ft
Lead Time
1/20.8731150.45HOSE-CV3-0500-30.15$42.082 Add to Cart
1/20.87121151.80HOSE-CV3-0500-120.15$168.302 Add to Cart
5/81.003900.57HOSE-CV3-0625-30.19$43.282 Add to Cart
5/81.0012902.28HOSE-CV3-0625-120.19$173.102 Add to Cart
3/41.123800.72HOSE-CV3-0750-30.24$45.602 Add to Cart
3/41.1212802.88HOSE-CV3-0750-120.24$182.402 Add to Cart
7/81.253800.84HOSE-CV3-0875-30.28$49.582 Add to Cart
7/81.2512803.36HOSE-CV3-0875-120.28$198.302 Add to Cart
11.373750.96HOSE-CV3-1000-30.32$50.932 Add to Cart
11.3712753.84HOSE-CV3-1000-120.32$203.702 Add to Cart
1 1/81.503751.11HOSE-CV3-1125-30.37$56.552 Add to Cart
1 1/81.5012754.44HOSE-CV3-1125-120.37$226.202 Add to Cart
1 1/41.623651.26HOSE-CV3-1250-30.42$59.032 Add to Cart
1 1/41.6212655.04HOSE-CV3-1250-120.42$236.102 Add to Cart
1 3/81.753651.41HOSE-CV3-1375-30.47$63.302 Add to Cart
1 3/81.7512655.64HOSE-CV3-1375-120.47$253.202 Add to Cart
1 1/21.873601.59HOSE-CV3-1500-30.53$65.102 Add to Cart
1 1/21.8712606.36HOSE-CV3-1500-120.53$260.402 Add to Cart
1 5/82.003601.74HOSE-CV3-1625-30.58$73.132 Add to Cart
1 5/82.0012606.96HOSE-CV3-1625-120.58$292.502 Add to Cart
1 3/42.123551.89HOSE-CV3-1750-30.63$79.522 Add to Cart
1 3/42.1212557.56HOSE-CV3-1750-120.63$318.092 Add to Cart
22.373502.22HOSE-CV3-2000-30.74$84.082 Add to Cart
22.3712508.88HOSE-CV3-2000-120.74$336.302 Add to Cart
2 1/82.503502.31HOSE-CV3-2125-30.77$87.232 Add to Cart
2 1/82.5012509.24HOSE-CV3-2125-120.77$348.902 Add to Cart
2 1/42.623402.40HOSE-CV3-2250-30.80$90.752 Add to Cart
2 1/42.6212409.60HOSE-CV3-2250-120.80$363.002 Add to Cart
2 3/82.753402.58HOSE-CV3-2375-30.86$96.232 Add to Cart
2 3/82.75124010.32HOSE-CV3-2375-120.86$384.902 Add to Cart
2 1/22.873352.76HOSE-CV3-2500-30.92$99.232 Add to Cart
2 1/22.87123511.04HOSE-CV3-2500-120.92$396.902 Add to Cart
2 5/83.003352.85HOSE-CV3-2625-30.95$102.532 Add to Cart
2 5/83.00123511.40HOSE-CV3-2625-120.95$410.102 Add to Cart
2 3/43.123302.94HOSE-CV3-2750-30.98$106.132 Add to Cart
2 3/43.12123011.76HOSE-CV3-2750-120.98$424.502 Add to Cart
33.373253.12HOSE-CV3-3000-31.04$115.132 Add to Cart
33.37122512.48HOSE-CV3-3000-121.04$460.502 Add to Cart
3 1/23.803153.45HOSE-CV3-3500-31.15$138.222 Add to Cart
3 1/23.80121513.80HOSE-CV3-3500-121.15$552.902 Add to Cart
44.373103.63HOSE-CV3-4000-31.21$179.032 Add to Cart
44.37121014.52HOSE-CV3-4000-121.21$716.102 Add to Cart
4 1/24.873103.81HOSE-CV3-4500-31.27$189.682 Add to Cart
4 1/24.87121015.24HOSE-CV3-4500-121.27$758.702 Add to Cart
55.373103.99HOSE-CV3-5000-31.33$224.932 Add to Cart
55.37121015.96HOSE-CV3-5000-121.33$899.702 Add to Cart
66.32385.76HOSE-CV3-6000-31.92$365.852 Add to Cart
66.3212823.04HOSE-CV3-6000-121.92$1,463.402 Add to Cart