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OVERVIEW: Ruggedly constructed large frame hose live and storage reels can be fabricated for diameters up to 8 feet in diameter. Perfect reliablity and strict standards are the hallmarks of these reels, which are used for many operations. You can't buy a better reel for your application!


  • Special applications requiring unique electric, hydraulic and air motors
  • Unique driver systems designed for heavy industrial use
  • Large diameter reels for lay flat supply hose
  • High pressure cleaning reels for jetting, water blasting and other extreme pressure uses
  • Floater reels for offshore, ship to shore or ship to ship fuel transport
  • Reels with multi-passage swivel joints and multi-circuit slip rings
  • Single wrap reels with a narrow footprint for aviation, home refueling or vacuum hose
  • Multi-wrap reels for longer lengths of hose
  • Most models are available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction

Hosecraft USA Large Custom Hose Reels